Are You Frida or Audrey?


Frida, artist-turned-activist and Audrey actress-turned-“voice of the children” humanitarian… different women, but to solution (soul-ution), they had a very similar heart and soul.

They charged forward making moves in a myriad of ways from pain (Frida in regards to her physical pain, especially, but beyond, too)…from problem to solution and, devoted a big part of their creative lives, to help others do the same.

You can have it all. You can heal, you can create for yourself or your family and, in the process, creatively and effortlessly also find ways to fill the needs of complete strangers…friends you haven’t met yet.

Audrey once said, “I’d like to do whatever I want all day long” and that simple saying’s ability to speak to each of our untapped greatness is rich…

Where one day long ago doing what I wanted may have meant eating bonbons, today it’s about using creativity (we are all born with it) for great good and showing women how to express more of who they are in business and life by way of bringing their “crazy” (change-making, culture-making, industry-innovating) ideas to life.

When I asked the talented graphic artist known as Hill Young (thank you, Hill!) to create Frida and Audrey on either side of [you with the living legacy that desperately wants arms and legs to go with that heart], I told her I wanted Frida and Audrey’s timelessness marked.


I wanted to do that through the inclusion of modern elements like the ones present in the piece because humanity [and the desire to bring about change and create outside of ourselves] is timeless.

Humans are something else. Our knee-jerk is to help and to allow others to lean on us, but we also allow ourselves to get stuck on the human how…I only know because I do it, too. Less now than I once used to, but still present.

If your knee-jerk is TO do…do more for the highest or greater good and you feel it burning inside you every day, follow it…follow her, follow your creativity, because she will, without a doubt, help you find a way, a time, a schedule, the person, the venue, the funding, the fun you want to infuse into it all to get it going and keep it that way…

How will your creativity decide to express herself?

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

p.s. If you want to read more around brand expression, creativity, soulful business success, emotional intelligence and more, feel free to check out the #creativeheroine hashtag. Much love, Creative Heroine! 

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