Are you Free to Becoming Someone New Right Now?

Last Thursday in New York, I supported a client, a fashion model, throughout a VIP day to plan out how she’d continue to use her platform for great good (she’s already doing AMAZING work). This is me at the door of her Brooklyn home…

The day together made me think (and I continue to think) about how we get to choose, every day, to become a new version or a newer, better version of ourselves. We get to keep some of the old and ring in A LOT of new.

Are you free to becoming someone new? And possibly using that new to support the greater good and your life’s purpose? 

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

p.s. I’ll be back in New York soon. If you’re there and are itching for support on your reinvention, around the creation of a business that folds in purpose and does great good or needs support creating a brand that makes others feel like they’ve known you forever, hit reply and we can let you know what openings (and when) we might have. I’ll be available for consulting in either Brooklyn or New York City. xo! 

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