Another Day with His Holiness (The “Buddhist Sway“)

The Buddhist Sway 

Today, I sat in what can only be described as a soup…it was a soup made of chanting for over a couple hours inside the Long Life Ceremony for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Before the ceremony and chanting, His Holiness spoke about the number of stairs he counted recently being 13 and that the number reminded him of being told that he would live to 113 years old. 

He joked that he had already asked to be given that many years, so that, really, we didn’t all need to be there doing a long life ceremony because he had it covered. 😆

That reminded me of something Thupten Jinpa, Monastic Scholar and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s translator for over 30 years, said about His Holiness in our talk and Q&A with him a few days earlier…

He said one of the things he appreciated most about His Holiness was that he could be listening to a very sad, sad story one minute and be in it with that person, feeling those feelings, then in the next moment be laughing and joking.

Jinpa said this ability to ”switch moods”, as he called it, was impressive. 

Flowing from moment to moment ~ that’s the Buddhist sway.

And similarly, while His Holiness sat meditating, there was a sway, too. 

Closed eyes and chanting or meditating, many monks slightly swaying from side to side. I enjoyed watching His Holiness do it over the last days (I started doing it, too). 

It’s all reminiscent of things learned this week, like ~> meditation teaches us how to pay attention even when there’s no new stimulus in front of us.

Good, right? 

And this one, a direct quote from Jinpa ~> “The ability to be bored and not lose attention…*this* is the benefit of meditation.”

There have been so many gifts given this week, physical and emotional or energetic, and one has most definitely been the slowing down of it all ~ of life, work, of my mind/of thoughts… 

And it seems true, as we’ve also heard many times this week, that, in order to train your mind, you must first slow it down.



Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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