Another Day on a Tibetan Settlement in India!

It’s difficult to describe what‘s been experienced the last few days.

Between visiting with and hearing from His Holiness and also privately in class format from his translator the last 30+ years, meeting the four-year-old reincarnation of an important High Lama (visited him at home after his nap 👶 🏼!) and experiencing the important debates happening in this Tibetan settlement in India (among other events), my mind is calm and radically or evermore curious. 

Je Tsongkhapa, whose important 600th anniversary it is and why we’re here (one of the most important events monk’s here/anywhere will experience in their lifetime), is the 2nd “founder” of the teaching of the Buddha. His philosophical writings are revered in the monastic community.

Similar to the other day (post here:, I’ll share a handful of points, trusting some — maybe one — prompts thought or some new creation/action: 

• Buddhism is very much about the intellectual quest (✨ has always intrigued me). Debating is big as is eventually getting to the core root of the matter (to truth), but being well-versed on your thinking and how to direct it is key. Being able to make sense of your beliefs is paramount.

• Though in Buddhism intellectual curiosity is key, it is also known that mental attributes are not the self…connected to that, when worried, for example, repeat: “these are just my thoughts,  just my thoughts.” 

• “The quickest way to make good karma”, Jinpa, scholar and HHDL’s translator, said to us the other day “is to rejoice on good deeds”.

• When you stay with facts, not getting too lost in the interpretation of them, you keep the peace, not just, with family or inside other relationships, for example, but with yourself (rationality is a key conversation).

• Connected to that, Tsonkhapa’s works, as with main Buddhist teachings, at their core, help modern society with reason, analysis and evidence. 

• Monastic belief is that you have two teachers: your teacher teacher and your peers.

• How adorable-y wise is His Eminence the 10th Lhagyala? This is all before yawning so wide after being with us for 20-30 minutes. 

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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