Announcing REIMAGINE! (Stagnation Be Gone)

It’s here!

As promised yesterday, below is the latest MGI experience that’s officially launched for such a time as this —

This was not in the works months ago, but is what’s necessary now — what I’ve heard again and again is that many of us are finally responding to a bit more energy or fire inside to getting our purpose projects and napping businesses going again (we’ve all needed some TLC and napping…).

This is what you’ve shared — and I‘ve also heard from those of you with businesses still pumping out a lot of work that you’d like to use this time to re-message, pivot or work on a new arm of the business or new idea!

This new creation is a takedown of the work I do everyday with private clients. In six weeks, you’ll leave with the soulful strategy for the foundation of the current or new business or new purpose project idea and brand. 

Kindly take this as your official invite to join us. I’d love to have you with us inside this beautiful journey modeled after my ecopsychology apprenticeship 🙂

Realizing New Futures for your 
Business/Purpose Project and Brand

Again, together, we will create the business and brand strategy for the work that matters most to you to get out there in this new now and for the foreseeable future. We will look at the next few months and prepare you with a new now strategy and a next strategy, as well as make sure that what we are setting you up for what you can commit to, so you can see the results of your work (said another way, so you can get out with this project or work in a way that makes you feel comfortable and sensitive to what’s happening in the world right now)…

The ideas you’ve held onto or that you were stagnant with before the Great Pause of 2020 want to come out and affect the world. You have transformation and purpose work to do with those waiting for you to get this (whatever this is) out there.

Let’s do the work we can’t NOT do and let’s do it inside a more fully-aligned foundation and brand (a full pivot or simple re-messaging, perhaps, we shall see..)

Again, would truly love to have you. Join us as we gather for six weeks inside the creation of this nest-like space and women’s council starting July 1st. Check out the page above or below for more of the daring details…

Let’s get the key things completed in both your business/purpose project and brand messaging with inside a support network that will feel so good to plug into emotionally week after week…

I will likely cap this at 12 ladies to keep the intimate feel of most my gatherings, so join us now if this resonates…

I can’t WAIT to support you every step of the way and help you feeling energized, peaceful and with direction and purpose.

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand (and, much more)…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Michelle Ghilotti
Activator, Brand Strategist & Experience Creator

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