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We can and do mourn when people are still living ~

A conversation today left me staring at the truth around loss (continuing to take you on a bit of a behind-the-scenes of my book here)…

Loss is not solely felt or experienced when someone dies.

It can be experienced every time someone you love changes form. In other words, when a person (your person) feels a long distance away when communication or mutual understanding is not met or is clouded in some way.

This can happen in many different situations —

In particular, I think of addiction and how devastating this can be on those suffering inside of it as well as on the loved ones wanting it to be different, wanting the break to be filled in and to help their loved ones find their way…back to the relationship, back to contribution, back to healthy living, back to working and speaking and loving as a true family unit, and the list goes on.

But almost identical to experiencing a physical death, the pain or grief journey grows and continues when you realize time and time again, that no matter what you do or say or how much you plead or bargain with God, that you do not have the control to bring them back to you (I remember my mind playing tricks on me — wanting to play tricks *with* my mind with my tragic losses in this way). 


so there are many of us walking around with very real feelings of loss…

…many people feeling grief and in mourning, yet maybe not seeing it that way or not allowing themselves to claim it as such, so that they may, in turn, receive the unique love, guidance, support and counsel for those emotions, being able, maybe, to then walk yet another step or another mile being better understood for what they’re going through.

We can and do mourn when people are still living.

The question is — well, actually, I don’t know what the question is. I’m asking if there is one at the moment or if it simply ends (or begins) there.

We mourn when people we love are still here.


Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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