A Short Story About Your Sadness

I appreciate the heavy lifting this lovely man did while I was heavily lifting (emotionally), too. But I can’t tell you that I saw, felt or appreciated it as much as I do now, being through the harder years of grief.

I was deep inside my own thoughts and emotions. 

Because grief is like that first hard job you’re not sure you really want — it’s a daily job, especially at first, at second and at third.

But unlike that first j-o-b, grief is something you do because it’s natural to and because it’s something that wants to move through you, so you can continue to move through or with all parts of life (and with those still living) calling on you ~ 

Hello? Come! Be…with…me…

As we tenderly toil, we may not realize how much our people are also tenderly toiling (your losses are their losses) and how much they additionally hurt seeing us in pain. 

To all partners, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, parents, sons and daughters who grieve alongside us and who relentlessly and patiently sit beside us, feeling their own grief, thank you…we love you and couldn’t have done it or have worked through it without you. (~> I can’t do it or continue to work through it without you.)

And to each of us going through it right now, may we remember that pain and joy can co-exist (enjoy as the short breaks in the rain come, travel, jump, laugh etc, as this is part your healing and medicine, too) and may you know that although you feel sadness, you are not sadness itself (you are life, always rebirthing itself and it will wait, just like your loved ones still living have, until you’re ready, so, take your time)…

Oh yes and may — may you repair the brokenness in a daily or moment-to-moment way by treating the next person you‘re with or meet (and the next and the next) as if they were the very person or people you’ve lost.

This is one small but certain way (a big way) to transform loss into gain.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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