A mantra/momtra you can use in business or in life (and another personal story)…

Speaking at the dedication ceremony on November 13th

Today, I wanted to share something with you that I shared with friends on Facebook yesterday. Though it's not about the how-to of branding , it IS about expression (or, more specifically, we could say it's a show OF authentic expression that I'm a stand for, for all women), and that's something, of course, that connects you and I — the desire and 'how-to' of authentic expression in business and in life.

Ah, music to my ears…

In light of the recent tragic goings-on around the world, I also believe the expression below appropriate to share with you, my community of Creative Heroines, because you are a woman devoted to continuing to move more gracefully from problem to solution, in hopes ofexpressing more of who you really are. And, really, that's what my personal story genuinely has baked into it.

You stand for your authentic expression and solutions in business and life, and I proudly stand with you! (Thank you for being you).

I intend for the sharing to do three things:

1) Energize you to share more of you really are (People engage and connect with you (the real you), long before they engage with your products and services).

2) To support you to step even deeper into gratitude, the thing that can support you to land smack dab in the middle of your greatest business and life vision quicker, and with a lot more joy.


3) Allow you to see that the personal is professional and the professional is personal. Remember that what you make the opportunity for in your business, you also create in your life, and vice versa…what you make room for in your life, you also continue to nurture in your business…



On Friday the 13th, my high school's art building was named after my brother and one of the studios inside was named after my Mom.

It was a beautiful afternoon, fitting for two creative souls.

Before sharing my thoughts and a blessing I was asked to give, they handed me the microphone that had just worked outside. Only this time it didn't work.

I joked that my Mom never needed a microphone to share what she wanted, believed or felt and we laughed. In many ways, it was fitting that I didn't have or need a mic either. (Infinite love + gratitude, Mom).

As usual, I went off piste from what I had written for a bit, and part of what came before heading into the blessing, was this…

About 30 minutes after my Dad called that July morning to give me the very unexpected news that she was gone, I was back home from dropping Nolan off at Summer camp.

Sitting at the dining room table, I wailed. After I caught my breath, I grabbed a piece of red paper and a pen, my version of Kleenex and the thing that, for me, most appropriately holds the overflow of emotion…

The very resilience and inner strength my Mom exhibited in her 57 years, I shared with the 60+ people in attendance, was the very thing that in that moment moved me to start writing everything about her I was most grateful for. I wrote until I couldn't write any more, a pouring out and a swimming in the truth of all that still existed.

I continued…

I wrote what I was most grateful to her for and I also wrote what I was grateful to have created alongside her, particularly over the last nine months (our relationship had grown another set of brand new, beautiful wings).

As we head into Thanksgiving, one of those days we can create in the every day, I am evermore aware that what has made way for my healing, more and more, is this: the looking inside of myself, and outside too, both left and right at all there still is, and at all they have left behind in me that will stay with me for my forever.

It's mighty — and so is gratitude.

Life-giving and life-affirming, just as one of the mantras/momtras included in a new workbook to clients beautifully states, "The more gratitude I feel, the less it hurts, (repeat at least 3x)."

And that's the real blessing.

The more gratitude we feel, the less it hurts.

Enjoy your weekend, Creative Heroine and may your your greatest freedom, healing and the biggest expression of you in business and life lie in your honesty and heart.

Transparency truly is the bridge to connection.

Speak with you soon…

Life is good,


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