A Dream I Had (more about it)

A while back I sent you an email with this phrase:

It’s only when you show who you are when more is revealed.

You may or may not remember it, but I wanted to send it through again with even more explanation…

I had a dream many years ago (half awake, half asleep type “dream”) and I heard a very quiet voice say that:

It’s only when you show who you are when more is revealed.

I had never had anything like that happen before or after.

I got up and in my half daze, grabbed a Sharpie (I keep all kinds of pens at my bedside) and wrote it down. To this day, I still have that paper near my bed…

To me, it means many things, but one of them, maybe the most important, is that one of our greatest life purposes is to be more ourselves, not LESS. When we do that, especially as female leaders building businesses with purpose, the more that our dharma/our purpose (or next right action, as discussed at the LIVEN retreat on 6/6/20) is revealed…

Said another way, tell your story, use your life experience, express your full authentic personality (even and especially in business) — fold ALL of you into your everyday life and work in the world, and as you take each step, know you will BE exactly where you need to be (and wanted to be) because committing to the more full expression of self is the way to get the answers we need most about it all…

As I’ve worked and lived this even more in my life and work since that early morning, I can say it’s absolutely true! Keep following the big breadcrumbs when you follow what’s true for you and what genuinely and naturally sparks your soul…


How can you be more unapologetically you in business?

What would genuinely (with less effort) be next for you if you listened to what sparks your soul currently?

How can you move to value and express your life experience as much as your professional experience and infuse more (not less) of your authentic personality into your brand/messaging?

Feel free to take those questions for a spin onto paper. And, if you’d enjoy coaching support (inside a fun group of like-minded women) over six weeks this Summer to show you how to authentically message your business (new or existing) AND MORE, consider joining REIMAGINE: Realizing New Futures for Our Business/Purpose Project and Brandwww.michelleghilotti.com/reimagineregister (scroll down to the business and brand strategy topics and details).

Also, note that MGI is offering REIMAGINE at a for such a time as this tuition rate of $197 vs. the typical rate for our six week programs of $997. We genuinely wanted to support you if you are in need of coaching and accountability to get your work out into the world…

I wish for you peace and the joy that comes when we truly integrate more of all of who we are into our work and messaging!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand.

To the best of the rest of your life!

Michelle Ghilotti
Activator, Brand Strategist & Experience Creator

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