Helping You Create the Brand You Know Yourself To Be

The Michelle Ghilotti International way is the no apologies path to branding yourself or your company. It’s a branding that infuses your personality, values and voice into every single element of the business. Why? Because as the founder, you’re the feeling behind your business. Whether you’re a personal brand or drive a traditional company, it’s your particular brand of emotions, stories, experiences and self-expression that moves others. Your charge in your communication is to help ideal prospects understand who you really are and what you stand for.

For 12 years now, trotting around the globe with experience derived from working with brands such as Nike, adidas, Starbucks and got milk?, Michelle and MGI have been supporting women make happiness their business by creating their authentic brands.

As the master mind, Michelle helps you express your particular uniqueness in a way that surprises and fascinates. Whether you’re in the health and wellness field, the fashion, beauty or event industry, or you’re an author, visionary behind a movement, consultant, product company or coach, it all starts with clarity around your purpose and your brand plan. You get all of this at MGI.

To the female entrepreneur, business-owner, taste maker and mogul sitting in LA or Latvia, San Francisco or Istanbul, Rome or Raleigh, interested in health, wealth and creating the brand you know yourself to be, I say welcome home.

And thank you.

It’s you, the woman with a song in her heart, spring in her step and purpose burning in her gut, who is transforming the world one client, article, product, customer, program, event, speech, charity, retreat and book at a time…

Taking what others may expect to see of you and your brand and making it the unexpected is MGI's genius. That’s when others aren’t just drawn to you but share what it is that you have to offer…now that’s worth its weight in gold.


Photography by Hillary Maybery. Styling and Art Direction by Michelle Ghilotti.