How To Take Notes and Be Noteworthy

At a morning session at Watermark in San Jose for corporate/professional women today, Mallika Chopra spoke about taking action in an intentional way.

For all aspiring, fresh or experienced entrepreneurs in business or life (we're all entrepreneurs/empowered problem solvers in some way), here's one specific way to do that:

Though there's value in coming to events for inspiration and may feel fun/energizing in the moment to take notes about everything from everyone, to get home and have 17 new things/approaches/tips over seven pages of notes you're going to "try" to implement can be overwhelming (read: anti-action).

As a result, you end up going back to doing what you've always done.

Before going to an event, decide on the one (1) thing you're going for. Be as specific as possible.

Go with an ear for information that will support you in one project.


Pick it, then filter everything (everything!) you hear for that one project only.

Beyond that, it's useful to give yourself a max of one page of written notes you get to take back with you. Only jot down the best, or, if you're not practiced at doing that, jot it all down, then condense the information to one page when you're on the plane.

Many times, I even give myself one small post-it as the space for my actionable items/"things I get-to-do once home" (I did a few periscopes on the subject, some of you were there).

The key is to remember that you don't get what you think about. You get what you know is possible (work on that mindset), what you think about and what you do, do, do something about.

In short, this helps focus your learning at events and beyond, feel and be on purpose, know what to talk to others about while at the event, grow your confidence and, most definitely, attract (and get) exactly what you want.

Having been in corporate for almost 10 years myself and consulting and coaching women entrepreneurs for many years, I'm ready to add serving women in the corporate arena in a bigger way to my model (currently planning a mastermind for amazing women who are looking to, not only, consciously create and grow their personal "sub-brand" within the larger brand they work for, but actually move on other life or passion projects).

No more saving inspiration for nights and weekends for these ladies like I did for many years.

So, while still in their corporate jobs, supporting them to move on writing that book, start the non-profit or release the fear of going after writing and doing their first comedy show (something one of my corporate clients recently did successfully).

This is what my one post-it note will listen for today.

To be an elite performer in any part of life, practice being relentless with your focus, and, believe it or not, with your note-taking. If not, you'll be taking notes for yet another year vs. actually birthing what's most near and dear.

As always, enjoy your business and enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Mom & Entrepreneur (My Story of “And THEN…)

I want to change the world.

Always have.

In fact, probably even more than I ever remember dreaming about being a mom.

And THEN (this is what this piece should be called, And THEN)…

And THEN, I experienced deep love for a little human with both a big soul and big purpose, and realized that changing the world happens, as Mama Theresa said, by going home and loving your family.

Today, I still want to change the world with the work I do, but not any more than I want to help Nolan change the lead in his mechanical pencil, change work or personal plans so I can attend a field trip, or help him navigate change which has come in many ways in the last handful of years…moving countries, maneuvering grief and confusion around the unexpected deaths of his 22-year-old uncle and 57-year-old Gigi and changing schools a few times, to name a few.

I want to make the movement of vulnerability, authentic expression and personal responsibility for women, with and without children, SWELL (feel into that "And THEN" energy ~> we are ALL the mothers of our own reinvention), but, not any more than I want to make Nolan pancakes, even when the time on the clock says there's not enough of it, as it did today.

And that's exactly it. There is always time.

It's a finite commodity as far as the length of your life goes, however, within that life, time expands to match the depth, width and height of your passion and devotion.

Commit yourself to what's most vital in this world, leave the rest, and always follow what makes your heart go pitter patter.

You'll find yourself telling stories that almost always start, continue or end with, And THEN…!

Join the Mom Mogul waitlist to learn how to make a living AND have a life.

As always, enjoy your business and enjoy your life!

Life is good,



Eight days without email will do THIS (photo).

Many things get me in the mood for dancing. Spending time with my other half is one of them.

After another six months of serving mastermind clients and all the love poured into the sharing of The Branding Retreat happening in May, I took eight days and seven nights to be on retreat with my husband in Arizona. Travel and time away always re-energizes…

These were days filled with much adventure and no technology ~ no email, no texting, and no social media. If we needed to make a call, we were asked to do it in our room. The time was magical. My son and husband joke that I'm not much of a rule follower, however, these rules were some I was so happy to abide by…

The following are three things that came out of our daily and, many times, multiple-times-per-day meditations, hikes, tai chi, yoga sessions and more. They may not be new truths, however, maybe today, in the way I'll share, they will support you in a deeper way to start the week the way you know you'd like to consciously end it…

3. Self-care is the new client care. The success of your business has everything to do with the client care you deliver, and you can't deliver it without caring for and nurturing yourself (even if it's just 10 minutes each morning, do it: wake for YOU vs. for others via email, text or social media…meditate, read, sip tea while watching the world — or birds — go by). In other words, as I love to say, "nurture the nurturer". It's a beautiful thing when we care so much about our clients that we prioritize taking care of our soul and the level of peace felt in it, so they, too, can benefit from it.

Self-care, what I'd love to call "the new client care", is how we're able to turn around and deliver our genius to help clients in whatever transformation we've promised them (in other words, results). So, yes, it IS about self-care, but the why lies in so we can be about heartful, generous and fabulous client care. Care for you and you will be caring for others in a way that is unmistakable. In short, clients have invested a lot of time and energy to work with you and they deserve to feel the self-care you give yourself, on a more consistent basis. If you want to be known for delivering a high level of passion and service, focus on treating yourself kindly as you build your empire. You can't give from what you don't have, but everyone can always **feel** when you're giving from what is considered your overflow.

2. To disconnect is to connect. When we disconnect from technology email and social media, our quality of life increases and we get back to the important work of being relationship architects; women who value relationship and the home we're creating above what others have to say to us in social media. Social media is fickle, but our real life relationships sustain us. No matter what business we're in, or if we do a lot of online marketing or not, there will be times of heart-filled hustle and of hours changing to meet deadlines. That's entrepreneurship.

Sometimes, this means working early in the morning and late into the night on whatever big push, new project or beautiful offering we're birthing. But, where are your relationships while you're doing that? Are they being taken care of? What do you have set in place to make sure you are loving those who love you? In planning yourself back into your schedule, make sure to highlight these key relationships.

First thing in the morning, give to self, by reading a favorite book, meditating or by simply breathing in and out more consciously, and then, slip into presence, maybe sipping tea in the company of your kids or partner (as the saying goes — the days are long, but the years are short). See them off with a smile and a peace about you, without rush. In other words, plan the week as well as that first hour or two in the morning in a way that actually sees this time of filling yourself and your home up as part of your important "work" in the world. Because it is. When you disconnect from technology for a time, and especially during the all-important morning hours waking for yourself vs. for the online world, you have the emotional and physical space to truly connect with the very people who will continue to support and add purpose to your entrepreneurial journey and ventures.

1. Support from others is key to your success. Each time I go away, I am reminded of how true it really is. The week I was away was made possible by HAVING my assistant. She kept the ship afloat. She dealt with scheduling and on-boarding new clients, handled website issues, called to follow up on things, updated budgets and event planning documents, etc. Each day, she also did the invaluable task of going into my email and deleting anything she knew wasn't important for me to come back to (or if it was important, she dealt with it herself). I came back and it only took me 15-20 minutes to go through all my emails! Glorious. So, whether you're a fresh or an experienced entrepreneur, with or without a team, you know and can feel that you need support. The emotional support may come from loved ones for a time; however, it must also come from someone who can actually take things off your plate so you can focus on what you do best…

It could be as easy as a college intern who works with you for school credit, or you could hire a virtual assistant who works for you for 30 minutes per week, to start. Whatever you can afford, will afford you more time working in your genius (the place where you more quickly earn your professional worth), not to mention, afford you the time needed to get away for longer periods of time unplugged (!), because you know that everything is and will BE well taken care of. It takes time to find the right person and to train them, yes, but it is well worth it. In getting the support you need, which could also be a mentor to help you prioritize and plan the dare to delegate, you free yourself up to do more of the things mentioned above. You can deliver greatness to your clients (and get known for it) and also spend more time with the very people that you chose to be on this life journey with.


I hope you're dancing about something you did for yourself (and therefore everyone else in your life) this weekend…

Here's to being and creating magic this week!

And, don't forget: there IS creativity and success in stillness. 


Much love!

Life is good,






Benefits! Retreat Doors CLOSE Tonight!


You get to do this entrepreneurial thing in this lifetime.

You don't HAVE to do it, you get-to-do it! Isn't that such an elegant realization?

You know what else is elegant?

Investing in yourself.

It's not only what this life, but professional path requires.

In order to grow, evolve and elevate your movement (translation: be even more successful), you must invest time, money and emotional energy on yourself.

To live a soulful five-star life and create a truly five-star business, you, Ms. Nurturer, must be nurtured. You must be fully and generously supported to meet your next level (generously being our key word).

So, do it.

Walk towards that next level and do it with high-level support and a group of women who are high vibe and are on a similar path to greatness.

As part of this luxe retreat, you will walk away, with, not only, all the deliverables noted HERE, but with a whole five-star new perspective, to boot.

You can't create a five-star brand on a two-star budget, nor on a two-star schedule, without space to breathe, or with two-star support.

Come to the event that will deliver five-star in all aspect, starting with the expertise and guidance you'll receive, right down, to the actionable pieces and deliverables that you'll walk away having completed.

You're worth it.

Your business-turned-movement is worth more it.

To create a five-star authentic brand, business and life, we need to receive ample love and that generosity from the right people, in a small setting, with just as much opportunity for 1-1 work. 

Online programs have their place, however, it's the boutique one-to-one moments at events like this one that truly make the difference. Ask either of us. Having invested in high-end mentoring has made all the difference!

Be part of making a difference in your business long before Summer arrives and you take a passionate pause, join us, smile and invest this time in yourself:

Join us in this divine, five-star setting and create your FINE five-star business and brand…

• Refine your current brand

• Elevate your copy

• Raise your rates

• Command more for your signature programs

Bask in it all and then some. 

Bliss in business and with your powerful, authentic brand is yours.

Next time, and, potentially in Europe, the entrance fee will have gone up beyond the $10k price. Your five-star time is now before the clock strikes midnight: 

Life is good,






p.s. At midnight, the doors close –